IT / Business Alignment

IT is a key enabling service within any organization. A wrong alignment between core business and IT can be catastrophic!

Having a both a strong technical & entrepreneur background, Karim is able to translate business needs towards technical solutions and put technical issues in perspective to the actual business impact.

Process & IT Optimization

As a true believer of Lean & Mean, Karim is in a continuous quest to search optimizations within the organization.

All waste, excesses that add no busines svalue, should be eliminated from the processes. Teaching the team culture of detecting waste and optimizing should be a key component of any Manager / Director.

People Management

A company resides around its people. Where automation is a key facet, people are the true differentiators in the whole picture. They are the creativity and the face of the company.

Making sure the team is motivated and aware of the desired goals is of the upmost importance. Being a collaborative manager, managing from the floor, is how this can be achieved. By knowing the daily hurdles people have to endure and being a mentor towards the team is how the performance of the team can be increased by its manager.