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About me!

An Information Technology generalist, with a broad knowledge of the IT industry, a keen business understanding and an open mind. Karim has earned his marks in various technical domains within the Infrastructure domain and held several bridge roles between Infrastructure & Development teams.

He is able to translate complex technical issues to understandable business terms. Understanding what IT can, or cannot, do for a business to achieve the right fit for each environment comes naturally. Despite having a deep technical insight, he will be able to provide technology/vendor agnostic designs that are cost effective solutions in regards to the requirements.

His experience ranges from the solutions that find their affinity in the OpenSource community towards the entire stack of Microsoft. Despite having a proven track record within the OpenSource community, Karim has more than adequate knowledge about the Microsoft ecosystem. In the end, it does not matter if the business capabilities need to be hosted in Microsoft's public cloud or on their own premises, the focus on getting the right match per workload is the goal!

The last years he has been focussing on three major contribution areas ;
Microsoft Azure : Ranging from the entire public landscape towards private deployments with Azure Stack
Containers : Windows & Linux Containers, mainly in combination with Rancher orchestration
DevOps : Driving the culture change and introducing the basic concepts that entail the movement

In general, you can summarize that he has a real "Cloud First"-mentality. The real deal that hides behind the marketing buzzwords of "DevOps" & "Serverless" is what runs through his veins! His mindset is driven by the following principles ;

Technology needs to relief me management (SaaS > PaaS > IaaS > Custom)
If no other option is viable then to manage it yourself, ensure that it is zero-touch (automated)
Components with a fine grained & transparent cost model will prevail



Active blogger publishing a lot of insights on technology

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Storage Performance Benchmarker

OpenSourced the scripts I use to benchmark the storage subsystem on Windows systems.

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Tool to help you find the right t-shirt size for you Azure VM.

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